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Octopus eggs Photo credit: Simon Chandra


Octopus eggs

Photo credit: Simon Chandra

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bored fish lips + constant face when discussing fuckboys

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It’s October in Miami

It’s October in Miami

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Anonymous asked: Hey! So I'm 16 and I've been dating this guy for about five months now and he really wants me to send him nudes. I want to but like I dunno if the pictures I take are good enough. I'm fairly self conscience about my body (what girl isn't) but I just don't want to make a fool of myself. I have sent him pics of me in my bra and stuff before though. Any advice?



Maybe you’d feel more comfortable if you weren’t entirely naked. 
By that I mean, you are for instance:

  1. holding your breasts to your chest
  2. showing your loose bra strap hanging of your shoulder
  3. you only show one breast
  4. your hand is covering your vagina so it kinda looks like you’re touching yourself ( which men apparently like)
  5. you only show parts of your bum.

Start small and make sure to leave something to the imagination. Mystery = sexy.

You probably already heard this before but I feel obligated to stress this part; Do not EVER EVER EVER and I mean NEVER take a nude picture with your face in it. NEVER. Your boyfriend might show them to someone else, put them online somewhere, or you might accidently send them to the wrong person (heard stories like this before) in which case, since your face isn’t on it, you can still deny. You’re sixteen right now but that nude picture might come to bite you in the ass someday when you have a great carreer or when you’re dating someone else or something. Take face selfies, yes. Take nudes, yes but not simultaneously.

Oh and a tip maybe write his name with a removable marker on your body before you take a picture so your bf still knows it’s really you taking the pic. And I think it will just feel more special and intimate for you both :)


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